The Oldest Anaesthesiologist on the Balkan Peninsula, Dr. Risto Ivanovski, Died

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Jordan Nojkov


Dr. Risto Ivanovski died on 17 of June 2013 in his 100-th year of life. He was the first anaesthesiologist in Republic of Macedonia and one of the founders of modern anaesthesiology in ex-Yugoslavia. He was born in Prilep, Macedonia. He started to make his way in the field of anaesthesiology in 1946. Then, Yugoslavia, as a part of the antifascist coalition, received aid in medical personnel and equipment through UNRRA. Dr. Patrick Shackleton, and Dr. Rasel Davies from Great Britain educated the first group Yugoslav doctors in the field of anaesthesiology. Then, the Army sent him to organize the anaesthesiology service at the Military Hospital in Zagreb, but because he was the only one anaesthesiologist in Croatia, numerous well-known surgeons addressed him to work together in different hospitals in Zagreb, Osijek and Rovinj). From 1954, Dr. Ivanovski worked at the Military Hospital in Skopje.  He was the teacher of the first generation of Macedonian anaesthesiologists. In 1959 he was elected as an Associate Professor at the Medical Faculty in Skopje. He was also a visiting anaesthesiologist in Prishtina, Kosovo. Dr. Risto Ivanovski was the first president of the Macedonian Society of Anaesthesiology founded in 1962. His professional opus contains about 20 works where he spoke about current problems of his time; the beginnings of endotracheal intubation, the use of Viadril cyclopropane and plasma expanders, immersion hypothermia as an addition to general anaesthesia in high-risk patients, organization problems of anaesthesiology services in war etc. Dr Risto Ivanovski left numerous admirers. The generations that followed his time, respect his efforts and work.


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