Relevant Factors in Sustainable Urban Development of Urban Planning Methodology and Implementation of Concepts for Sustainable Planning (Planning Documentation for the Master Plan Skopje 2001-2020)

Emilija Sofeska


Cities as complex and multilayer systems are part of a sustainable policy, because they are huge consumers of resources and show clear signs of unsustainable behavior. Cities around the world today are faced with intense degradation, pollution, overpopulation, etc. Sustainable development refers to the environmental, economic and sociological processes in the city and its physical structure.  Researchers and planners are therefore encouraged to think about the city that will focus on self-regulation. Therefore challenge for this research. This research paper explores the relationship between urban development and sustainable development through the relevant factors and indicators in the methodology of sustainable urban planning. The knowledge obtained should help considers and methods for encourage sustainable urban planning thought in the Republic of Macedonia.
The subject of this research is implementation of sustainable concepts and how they affect the methodology of urban planning. In this sense, the focus is on identifying the indicators and factors relevant to sustainable development where the aim is to systematize the concepts of sustainable urban development and operationalization in urban planning documentation and development of the city Skopje.
This paper attempts to encourage research and further deepening the methodology of sustainable urban planning. Given the nature of this research work consistently are observed ambitions that I had in conducting and systematization of the factors that reflect sustainable urban development, while, in exposure to the material and setting up of the thesis, parallel are reviewed several aspects that are distributed concentrically and are embedded in the concluding observations of the actual state of the model implementations in the planning of the city of Skopje.


sustainability; sustainable urban development; models of sustainable urban development; sustainability factors; criteria for sustainability; sustainability indicators; compact city; decentralization; sustainable transport

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