Epilepsy - Treatment with Acupuncture: Case Рeport

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Jihe Zhu
Blagica Arsovska
Kristina Kozovska


AIM: The aim of this work is to show a case of epilepsy, the condition before and after the treatment and the effects of the acupuncture treatment.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this case is shown a patient diagnosed with epilepsy. The patient is a 62 year old male, boxer by profession, with epilepsy occured from strong physical strikes on the head. Treatments were consisted of acupuncture and cupping therapy performed by a specialist in acupuncture.

RESULTS: Since the first treatment, the patient said he immediately noticed the improvement of the situation, and the last 2 years he is doing treatments for prevention.

CONCLUSION: Acupuncture treatment is directed towards complete eradication of the cause of the disease, although sometimes it takes more time to feel the effect. Those who stick to the treatments have a better chance to succeed. For a serious condition such as epilepsy, acupuncture treatment gives satisfying results and improves the condition significantly.


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Zhu J, Arsovska B, Kozovska K. Epilepsy - Treatment with Acupuncture: Case Рeport. Maced Med Electron J [Internet]. 2016 Apr. 25 [cited 2024 Jun. 18];2(1):1-5. Available from: https://id-press.eu/mmej/article/view/459
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